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bebek, istanbulBebek is one of the wealthiest neighbourhoods of Istanbul. It is located on the European shores of the Bosphorus and is surrounded by other wealthy districts such as Arnavutkoy, Etiler and Rumeli Hisari. It falls within the boundaries of Beşiktaş district of Istanbul. The direct translation of the word "Bebek" into Turkish is "Baby".

Bebek was a popular residential district under the Ottoman rule. It's population reflected the multi-diverse society which is still visible today in Bebek's historic buildings.

Bebek is also home to Bogazici Universitesi (The Bosphorus University), a highly regarded university established in 1971, occupying the buildings and grounds of the male campus of Robert College, which was founded in 1863 by Cyrus Hamlin, an American missionary. The College was named after Christopher Robert.

The former female section of Robert College still operates as the leading coeducational institution in Turkey within its wooded campus which covers a large area from Arnavutkoy to Bebek. - 2007