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Yildiz Technical University

yildiz technical university insaatEstablished in 1911, Yıldız Technical University is one of the largest and most prominent state universities in Istanbul, and one of the two technical universities in the city along with Istanbul Technical University.

YTU offers education with its 8 faculties, 2 institutes, the School of Vocational Studies and the School of Foreign Languages. More than 17,000 YTU students follow courses in 3 campuses, which are the Yıldız Central Campus, Davutpaşa Campus and Maslak Campus. There are 33 departments in the faculties and 8 programs in the School of Vocational Studies.

Master's Degree (MA) and Doctoral Research (PhD) programs are undertaken by the institutes.



* Faculty of Electrical and Electronical Engineering
* Faculty of Literature and National Culture Studies
* Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences
* Faculty of Civil Engineering
* Faculty of Chemistry and Metallurgy
* Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
* Faculty of Architecture
* Faculty of Fine Arts and Design
* Institute of Graduate Studies in Science and Engineering
* Institute of Graduate Studies in Social Sciences
* School of Vocational Studies
* School of Foreign Languages

There are 33 departments in our faculties and 8 programs in the School of Vocational Studies. Master's Degree and PhD Studies are undertaken at institutes.

Transportation and Social Facilities

YTU comprises 4 campuses: Yıldız Main, Şişli, Maslak and Davutpaşa. It is easily possible to transport to YTU campuses from any places in Istanbul .
All students are offered a variety of menus for lunch and dinner in our university which are also appropriate for their budget.There are cafeterias beside the restaurant available for 1000 people.
At the Medical Centre, 10 experienced specialists, general practitioners and opticians, 2 dentists, 5 nurses, 3 technicians and one officer are at the service of the students . Well-equipped laboratories related to optical ,dental-care services and analysis are facilitated. 2 Psychologists and one social counselor are also available at Medico-Social Centre.
YTU provides scholarships with its own facilities to 2000 students ,while some foundations also do to other students . University also presents apprenticeship facilities to students, both in country and abroad.
There is one dormitory in Maslak Campus. Post-Office, Bank, Bookstore, Computer Market and Internet Café, Stationery, Fotocopy Centre are located at Main Campus and are at service.

Active Student Clubs

* Atatürk's Philosophy Club
* Alternative Architecture Club
* Media-Publication Club
* Science and Culture
* Knowledge and Communication Club
* Science and Culture Club
* Science and Technology Club
* Ecology Club
* Mountain Climbing Club
* Marine Club
* Civil Engineering Club
* Photography Club
* Geodesy and Photogrammetry Club
* Politics and International Relations Club
* Chemistry-Metallurgy-Mathematics Social Activities Club
* Culture and Arts Club
* Machinary and Technology Club
* Material and Metallurgy Club
* Mathematics and Mind Games Club
* Architectural Photography Club
* Münazara Club
* Music Club
* Radio Club
* Cinema Club
* Poetry Club
* Theatre Club - 2007